Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction

Real estate and construction are major industry sectors which have a huge impact on the economic health of both the local and global economy – as evidenced by the 2008 financial crisis triggered by the sub-prime property crash in the USA.

Today’s real estate, hospitality and construction companies must adopt new approaches to address regulatory requirements and financial risks – while meeting the challenges of expanding globally and achieving sustainable growth.

These industry sectors are capital and labour intensive, extremely high-risk and often highly regulated. Both corporate and personal fortunes can be made and lost through investment in property which is increasingly regarded as one of the most significant asset classes.

With environmental concerns rising up the public and world agenda, the demand for ‘green’ buildings and homes is having a major impact on the development of new building technologies and materials to the point where the construction and real estate sectors affect almost everyone. Urban regeneration is also high on many government agendas in the recognition that healthy societies need good environments in which to flourish.

Our Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction practice has the ability to mobilize a team of seasoned professionals to address complex and demanding challenges and provide seamless service on a global basis. We draw on our industry knowledge and insight to help you strategically position yourself – wherever you are in the world to tackle issues such as-

  • Real estate IPOs
  • Regulatory and technical accounting changes
  • Green buildings
  • Real estate private equity

We have good connections with Global banking and Capital market professionals around the globe who are dedicated in serving you 24 X 7 who can help the finance service organizations turn challenges into opportunities.